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Taking stock...Ping Pong Tournament

Friday 28 December 2012 , by Fernando Villalón residence

Now that the end of 2012 draws near and a new year, which we hope will bring much happiness to everyone, is just around the corner, it is time to take stock of the activities and experiences shared with our residents.

Since the start of the academic year on 26 September we have played several tournaments, the most popular of which was the Ping Pong Tournament. There were very interesting matches and especially unity between the residents. The consolation final, played between Javier and Álvaro, was also very close.

There are many tournament photos and we would like to share them with you, including the fantastic video of the tournament recorded by Francisco Javier.

We would also like to thank the contribution made by the participants and winners of "Tu Bar" and "Bar Phoenix".

Residencia Fernando Villalón wishes you a Happy New Year 2013!